SOLSC: Snow Wishes


It’s Tuesday, time for a slice of life. Mother Nature is teasing the PNW with freezing weather yet not enough snow to really count.
More slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers.

Snow Wishes

snowflakes fell all night.
Silent treasures,
one by one
stacking upon each other.
Winter wonderland.

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7 Responses to SOLSC: Snow Wishes

  1. Judy C. says:

    I’ll gladly send you some of ours. We had many snow flakes stacking and stacking and stacking. I’m ready for sunshine and warmer temps and clean roads.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    We only got a little snow out of this storm that seems to be lingering your way, Jone. I love that you wrote about it, stacking, stacking!

  3. Janet F. says:

    Would happily send u some of ours. Your poem reminds me of “The Snowflake”. l
    Lovely images. Thinking of you.

  4. Very we’ll written. Enjoyed the stacking imagery.

  5. Tara Smith says:

    Let it snow!

  6. jarhartz says:

    Thanks for your slice of snow. I don’t get to experience seasons where I live. While I love the warmer climate, somehow I think I’m missing out on a lot. Thanks for reminder of the silence and beauty of winter.

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