SOLS: Poetry Postcard Time



It’s a slice of life and more can be found at Two Writing Teachers.

In exactly forty time it will be National Poetry Month.  And this marks the sixth year that students from my school will write poems and illustrate them on postcards.  They arrive sometime in April in your snail mailbox.  Here’s a couple of samples from the previous year.

20130308-085249 20130308-091222

So would you like a handcrafted poetry postcard?  Please visit HERE to provide me with your snail mail details.

It’s much more fun than getting a bill in the mail.

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4 Responses to SOLS: Poetry Postcard Time

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I’ve already signed up Jone, but wanted to say again what a great project this is. Your students must love the doing!

  2. Leigh Anne says:

    What a great idea! Many of our students make cards for the elderly. This just might be a great suggestion for poetry month! Thanks and have fun with this.

  3. What a great idea! Yes, I signed up a poem in my mailbox sounds wonderful.

  4. Tara Smith says:

    Oh, I love this idea! What fun to come upon a poem in my mailbox when least expected!

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