SOLSC Day 2: Remembering a Friend

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Yesterday marked mark three months since the passing of my friend Shirley.

I think about her a lot. Especially now because we co-directed the school play and this year I am finally doing something we always wanted to do; have the play earlier in the school year.

We are doing Mowgli: Boy of the Jungle ( Junglebook). It was one of her favorite plays. We haven’t performed it in ten years. Almost fifty students signed up so we have a large pack of wolves and a fairly big troop of monkeys.

Shirley would be also be happy to know that a dad who’s a DJ has offered to help with the sound. More mics! We might get to hear all the actors! The sound is the trickiest part.

Life is moving forward and Shirley is still with me. She’s not far away.

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3 Responses to SOLSC Day 2: Remembering a Friend

  1. annie says:

    Lovely tribute to your friend, Jone. I’m betting the play, this year, will be dedicated to her memory.

  2. dogtrax says:

    Your post — and the reference to the post of when you were writing to remember — remind me of the power that some people have on our lives, and how those people reverberate on and on, if only we can remember and honor those memories. You do, and you have. Good luck with the performance. Keep the monkeys and wolves in check!

  3. dawnaguilar says:

    What a lovely way to honor your friend.

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