SOLSC Day 9: The Many Different Names for Rain

20140307-210353.jpgEvery day for thirty-one days I ‘ll share a slice and read others at Two Writing Teachers.


Susan Blackaby created this rain chart with students on Thursday . How cool is it?  These are the words that students came up with for “Rain in the Northwest.”

One that didn’t make it was from a kinder: “bubble-gum” rain.  I think it arrives later in April around the time that the cherry blossoms of blowing off the trees and it looks like pink snow.

Today it’s a puddle-and-mud maker rain.  Gray, cool, and puddles galore.  I am happy writing indoors this splashy afternoon.

I am still processing the power of having an author at a school for three days. I learned so much this week.

What’s your word for rain?

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6 Responses to SOLSC Day 9: The Many Different Names for Rain

  1. How awesome to get that experience. I love the idea of a chart for expanding on one word and it’s many alternatives.

  2. Tara Smith says:

    How wonderful to have a writer in your classroom for an extended period – so much to learn! My word for rain is what I grew up with:monsoon.

  3. rissable says:

    Mine suddenly seems so stale…I will have to come up for a new one for raining cats and dogs!

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Here in Colorado, a blessing, but mostly when I think of it, I think “sprinkly” Jone. So wonderful that you had such a great time with Susan Blackaby!

  5. Hmm, I’d have to think about that and I think I’d need to be inspired in the moment to come up with a good metaphorical word for rain! That’s a great idea for creative and expository writing though. Thanks for sharing!

  6. When you see life through the eyes of a writer…you see things others don’t see. I notice that every year during the SOL. Sometimes I am LOOKING for the “little things” and observing life differently. Other moments, life’s idiosyncrasies are just jumping out at me!

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