SOLSC Day 13: Bring Your “A Game”

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This is the school after school drama club. It’s full of forty-eight second through fifth graders, heavy on the second graders. This year we are performing “Mowgli, Boy of the Jungle (AKA Jungle Book).

We are working on bringing our “A Game.” This is our motto thanks to a fifth grader. She has a major part and yet was blowing off her commitment and last week, I called her on it. The next rehearsal, she brought up the idea of bringing the “A-Game.”

I have been part of the drama club for over ten years. Until 2010, my friend, Shirley co-directed with me. This is what I know about drama club:

~ it provides a venue for those kids who don’t always fit in.
~ it teaches kids how to memorize parts and how to be part of a team in a non-sports venue.
~ it boosts confidence.
~ it’s a place for those kids who don’t always succeed in school. Some of these kids go for additional reading help.
~ it’s the arts and students don’t get enough of the arts anymore.
~it builds community.
~it’s a positive for some kids! those who may have challenges during the regular school day

It makes my heart happy to see the transformations in some of the kids. Some are greater than others. And what’s really neat is the students who were in drama and return to see what we are doing each year.

It’s game on with our “A Game.”

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5 Responses to SOLSC Day 13: Bring Your “A Game”

  1. tsudmeier says:

    Love that you got the idea for your motto from the 5th grade student. That student must feel so important and respected

  2. Tara Smith says:

    Shirley is smiling, Jone!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    Our play given by our older students opens tonight, Jone. They’re doing the musical, Frog and Toad, and I’m taking my older granddaughter on Saturday. I agree with you, the transformation from success in this is amazing. We’re always so proud of our students either onstage or backstage! How wonderful that you do this!

  4. dogtrax says:

    My A Game
    is in my locker
    with my B Game
    and I C now that losing
    my dice and cards and mind
    was never a good idea to begin with
    but how was I to know
    when I left home this morning
    with ice on my face
    and thunder in the kitchen
    and lightning in my eyes
    and frost in my throat
    that my A Game was even necessary
    when all I wanted was to get through the day.
    Can I still play?


  5. jarhartz says:

    Love this idea and all it brings to students. It sounds like a tremendous thing for the kids and a very big undertaking for you.

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