SOLSC Day 15: Happy Birthday, Brother

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20140315-072042.jpgMy brother, circa late 60’s.
Today’s my brother’s birthday. He’s three years younger than me (and if you know my age; you can do the math;). This picture pretty much sums up on of his favorite things in life: space. He made a career in working in the space industry. Worked on aspects of the Space Shuttle and Space Station. The space industry, dependent on the government has faltered. Three years ago, my brother was forced into retirement. Sort of.

Along with other life changes, my brother is in the process of re-inventing himself. He grabbed an opportunity to go back to school for sports massage. He’s on the Honor Roll and graduates this June. This from a kid who didn’t love school as a teen and turned down college after high school.
He opted for the Air Force.

You might find him at Santa Monica on the weekends doing this:

20140315-073916.jpgHe’s teaching me an acro-yoga pose.

I’m lucky to have a brother like him. Happy birthday, brother. Love you.

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3 Responses to SOLSC Day 15: Happy Birthday, Brother

  1. Tara Smith says:

    Happy birthday to your brother, too – he sounds like an awesome brother to have.

  2. margaretsmn says:

    Lovely tribute to your brother. Great to celebrate his accomplishments and publicly show him how proud you are. We don’t do this enough with our siblings. They are often taken for granted.

  3. Julie Crain says:

    He sounds like an interesting man! Happy Birthday to him!

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