SOLSC Day 18: Sing

For thirty-one days, I will write, share slices, and read others at Two Writing Teachers.

My oldest grandgirl spent the weekend with us. One thing I learned from her is to have a tune in your head. This girl sings all the time. Sometimes she makes up songs and other times she sings the latest pop song (Katy Perry is a favorite). This weekend, “Puff the Magic Dragon” was one of her tunes.

I love her spirit. She believes that a song will help you to feel better and she’s right. She even asked me if I thought there were people who didn’t like music. Now that was something to consider. Are there people in the world who don’t like music? I cannot fathom it. There are times I like the silent or the music of the natural world but music is something I need.

What about you? What music do you like? What songs help you during challenging moments?

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7 Responses to SOLSC Day 18: Sing

  1. Julie Crain says:

    The right music can always lift me up. Good idea to have a song in your head!

  2. Lisa Keeler says:

    Music is such a wonderful way to connect. You’ve captured that here.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    My granddaughters sing a lot too, coming from all the music they have in their home. I love hearing about your “grand-girl” and her love of music, Jone. What a gift she has, & to share with others too. Best wishes also tonight with your “word”!

  4. She is right: with a song in your heart, the strife of life is a bit more bearable!

  5. I love to sing, but also enjoy quiet time with my thoughts. I rarely think to add music, but Saturday I cranked up the music at school while I graded Newbery projects. It was fun!

  6. Tara Smith says:

    I live in a house with people who love to sing – and I have come to think that music transforms us from without and within. I can just imagine your little songstress filling your house with the strains of “Puff” – lovely!

  7. jarhartz says:

    She is right. Music is a powerful thing. I don’t always think to go to it, but I should. When it enters worlds change. In the classroom things settle, when I’m confused, depressed it picks me up. It can carry me back to memories and warms my heart.

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