SOLSC Day 23: Sometimes You Just Have to Go With The Flow

20140323-080249.jpgThirty-one days of writing, sharing, and reading slices at Two Writing Teachers.

If you ever have lived in the Pacific Northwest or have visited here then you know it rains here. A lot! This winter we have have less rain. But still, when the sun breaks out, plans change. This was yesterday.

Since last April, I have committed to the second and fourth weekend to writing. It doesn’t mean the only time I write but for working intensely on my manuscript. Big blocks of time to work is important and it gives me needed structure. Plus it sets aside time for family and friends the other weekends.

But back to yesterday…I had to set aside a time for a Saturday morning play practice at school. There is much that gets accomplished when everyone is fresh. It proved true yesterday. Our volunteer sound man was there, most of the students were there, and everyone stayed focused.

And the sun was shining.

By the time I returned home, my writing afternoon was cancelled because I had to get outdoors. The weeds in the front yard were taunting me. The blackberry vines threatened to envelope our house like then vines of sleeping beauty.

I use to spent seven hours in the garden and be almost dead with muscle soreness. Now I choose two-three projects to accomplish. Yesterday it was weed the roses and attack the blackberry vines. The bonus for my was my husband pulling up dandelions.

It’s a matter of learning to be flexible. It’s a matter of knowing that in the Pacific Northwest, you have to make hay while the sun shines. You can’t count on sun every weekend. Today’s another sunny day but I am writing. I got my outdoor fix and can return to normally scheduled projects.

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5 Responses to SOLSC Day 23: Sometimes You Just Have to Go With The Flow

  1. jen b. says:

    I miss those sunny PNW days! Glad you chose to go out and enjoy it.

  2. Donna Smith says:

    Yes, sometimes you just have to go with the flow. And it feels right!

  3. Tara Smith says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit your part of the world – it always looks so lush and green.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    So funny, I have one bit of advice in my post today too about going with the flow, Jone. Best laid plans & all that! Happy you had the sun & the weeding is now done! Oops, it rhymes! Anyway, I always think the spring cleaning & weeding outside is so satisfying!

  5. Shining sun makes being outside so perfect! Glad you got out to work on the yard!

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