SOLSC Day 24: Remembering My Dad

Thirty-one days of writing, sharing, and reading slices at Two Writing Teachers.

20140323-210251.jpgDad at eighty years old.

In ten
Years since you
Passed from this earth
You are missed most days.
Daughters born
In those ten years.
You’d love their laughter.
When the
Plays “Wind Beneath
Your Wings” we laugh still.

My father hated the song, Wind Beneath Your Wings. He always said that it was the air pressure that kept the plane up not the wind. He usually had words preceding his comments which I can’t write. Dad was a bit of a curmudgeon at times but he was funny. He had so many sayings that would not be PC for this time of life.
He would have been ninety-one today.

*The poetry form is called an arun. Thanks to a post at If You Want Kin, You Must Plant Kin.

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4 Responses to SOLSC Day 24: Remembering My Dad

  1. mayawoodall says:

    Tonight I did, “Don’t you dare smile,” with my daughter. Oh, what fun a curmudgeon of a dad—would love to hear the grouchy grumblings of my dad. Thanks for making me feel connected to my dad through your words.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I love that you wrote two special things for him & about him, Jone. I miss my parents every day-a huge part of our lives, aren’t they? Lovely that you shared this with us!

  3. Tara Smith says:

    Ten years, but the memories are still fresh. He had a wonderful smile!

  4. GirlGriot says:

    I love this remembrance of your dad, and I’m so flattered that you wrote an arun! Thanks for sharing this!

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