NaPoWriMo Day 26: Making Up for Lost Time

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Well, I did not account for how wiped out I would be on Tuesday, April 22 after directing three performances of “Mowgli, Boy of the Jungle.”  I missed SOL14 on Tuesday.  I haven’t missed in a long time.  I missed Poetry Friday. And each day I thought I would write two poems to make up.  Here it is, Saturday. So now my new plan is to write two poems per the next four days to make up.

Thanks to Joy at Poetry for Kids who provided a mentor poem for a Rondelet:

Spring Rain

The rain in spring
drizzle dances on April’s blooms.
The rain in spring,
brings a rainbow and fairy ring,
surprises us with thunderous booms,
cleanses the air of winter’s glooms
The rain in spring.

And a haiku on the same topic:

spring rain
the thunderous boom
of his voice


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