SOL14: SCBWI- Oregon Conference




Tuesday’s are for sharing a slice at Two Writing Teachers.

Last weekend was the annual spring conference for SCBWI-Oregon. It was such a good weekend. My little brain is filled to the brim with ideas and connections made.
One of the best moments was my critique with an editor. Yes, she liked the story. Yes, she liked my strong command of the verse. The most incredible part of the critique was that she concurred with me about the opening of my novel.

Currently, I hate it. There’s no pow to it. Did she tell me how to fix it? No, but it’s making me rethink some of the scenes. And it affirmed my intuition was correct.
Another big tip was to sit with the critique for a bit and that’s what I am doing. I will be submitting to a critique retreat in January 2015. But rather to revamp now, I will wait.

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  1. Linda Baie says:

    I missed this on Tuesday, Jone. Congratulations on having a critique of your novel. I would love to have some response sometime. Glad you had a good time & hope you share more!

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