SOL2014: Used Book Fair

It’s Tuesday and time to share a slice at Two Writing Teachers.

Today is the first of three days for the used book fair. See that round table in the center? When I began the morning, it was full of activity and coloring books.

Last week, I went to my principal with a bit do a whine. I worried I had made a grave error in judgement about this used book fair. I forged on, sorting probably close to one thousand books into groups.

We priced the books a quarter for paperback and fifty cents for the hardbacks. As I looked at the set up, yesterday I wondered how we would sell them.

Today, however, it’s possible they will all sell. Watching students select books for their younger siblings or older was the best. Plus that sneaky math comes into play as they count out their change.

I wished I could have photoed the first grader who selected twenty books and paid five dollars. His smile was priceless.

A teacher approached me with stories of students buying Disney books because they know how much she loves Walt Disney.

There was the student who purchased an old hardback copy of Many Moons by James Thurber. When I told her that I liked the story she responded with how much she loved the illustrations.

Another student bought a hardback copy of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. She’s saving it until September for her mom’s birthday.

But my favorite was the first grade boy who thought the Scholastic book fair was better than the used book fair. I told him that is was a garage sale for books and that the fun is finding hidden treasures. As he looked and found a couple of books, he told me that I was right, there were treasures.

I hope the next two days continue to bring in excited students finding treasures. And of cours, I pulled a box of books to buy for the library.

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  3. newtreemom says:

    Great idea, great results! Enjoyed your stories. Also forwarded to our media center- maybe it is something we could try next year.

  4. Linda Baie says:

    Oh my, this sounds like such fun, Jone. I’d love to be there, even to volunteer for you. For several years my class ran a used bookstore at school. We had fun, it was terrific learning for the students, & we made a little money! Good luck the next two days, but bet it will be a sell-out! And yes, always great to find a treasure (like that Many Moons!).

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