SOLSC: End of Year



Yes, I’m a day late. Every Tuesday, I share a slice at Two Writing Teachers.
And this pic? Well, it was in February when we had snow days. We are now paying those snow days back.

Yesterday, was supposed to be our last day of school, now On Friday we will bid adieu to our students.
We will also say good-bye to eight staff people. I am happy for them all. They are off to new adventures and challenges in teaching. But it’s difficult.

It’s difficult to say good-bye to your co-worker for our first year of PreK Story.
It’s difficult to say good-bye to the first year teacher who needs to move because she was a long term sub for a teacher on leave(she got a continuing contract at another school though).
It’s difficult to say good-by to a co-worker who’s been there ten years.
It’s difficult to say good-by to another co-worker who’s wicked sense of humor will be missed.
It’s difficult to say good-by to all.

It never fails that the school year ends with that feeling of loss.

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  1. It is always difficult to say good bye. But you need a period in order to start the next sentence.

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