SOLSC: Dance with Abandon

20140618-202404.jpgTuesday was yesterday and slices are shared at Two Writing Teachers.  Here’s mine a day late.

School doors closed for summer last Friday.  But I am still here.  I am completing an independent project that I procrastinated  for too long to complete by June 20.

“Dance with Abandon” has been my phrase since Friday night when a group of co-workers met for a final school year hurrah. One co-worker plays harmonica in a blues band and Friday night the band was cooking up some great music.  We all danced and my fitbit recorded a whopping 13,000+ steps.  A stranger told me the harmonica was “national label worthy.” We closed the place.

So I have been thinking about dancing with abandon since then.  I need to do more dancing with abandon. It felt good to dance so why not weekly, daily mini-dance parties to get all the tension out.  I certainly left the school year on the dance floor Friday night.

This summer I will dance with abandon every day I can.  I will make my grand girl dance with me when she’s around. I will make my husband dance. Will you cyber dance with abandon with me?  You are invited.


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2 Responses to SOLSC: Dance with Abandon

  1. Sarah says:

    I will gladly join you in dancing with abandonment! I often forget how much I love to dance until I do it and wonder why I don’t do it enough!

  2. franmcveigh says:

    What a plan! Daily dancing with abandon is now required! We need to make time and prioritize how we spend our time! A short amount of even cyber dancing will be good for body, mind, and soul. Great reminder!

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