SOLSC: Next Week, Kitlit Con, and A Blog Break

It’s Tuesday. Time to share a slice with others at Two Writing Teachers.

I feel like this isn’t a so much as a slice but announcement time this week.
I feel like the biggest thing for me this summer is waiting for shoulder surgery. Happy to say that by next Tuesday that will be completed. I go in on Monday. Now that I have a date, I am less anxious. I want to get this behind me. And I of course have been in full nesting mode by trying to get things completed before Monday.

In October the Eighth Annual Kidlit Con is happening in Sacramento, Ca. This is a fabulous event. It’s intimate and cozy with lots of opportunities to network. Plus Mitali Perkins is doing the keynote! And Shannon Hale will be Skyping with the crowd.

Because of surgery, I will be taking a blog break. I don’t know how much I will be able to actually type. So I have decided to be gentle with myself and not worry about blogging again until mid-late August.

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2 Responses to SOLSC: Next Week, Kitlit Con, and A Blog Break

  1. Gael Lynch says:

    I am sitting here in my doctir’s office ten days post-op from my meniscus surgery, laughing at how we teachers are all the same! We wait until summertime to take care of ourselves–and the nesting, aka perfectionism! I planted and cleaned and entertained everyone. You’d think I was never going to walk again! Thank you for sharing, honestly. It helped me hold up the mirror and laugh at myself!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Of course I knew about your surgery from FB, Jone, but here’s still another wish for positive results and a quick recovery! Glad to know about Kidlitcon too! Have a good weekend, before!

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