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It’s been difficult to write a slice this week. I wanted to write a piece about the start of the new school year. Instead the news about Robin Williams has deeply saddened me. It’s a huge loss and I feel so sad for his family. I have obsessed reading the different tributes and the varied opinions about depression and suicide. Earlier this summer, the local news reported about a 38 year old mom who left her two young boys and a husband and went missing until she was found two weeks later; dead due to suicude.

It hits close to home. My dear, sweet husband is diagnosed with bi-polar disease. Thank goodness, he’s willing to get help and manages it with medication. But there are periods of time, that there is sadness that wants to grab hold (and sometimes does). It’s during these times that being there, talking, and showing love is what I can do. I have medication for anxiety as anxiety and depression run in my family. Then there are friends who’ve experienced the loss of a family member through suicide.
So I get how Robin Williams and that mother may have felt with a cloak of darkness surrounding them.

So just for today I will:

Show love and kindness
Be present
And as Robin Williams said in Dead Poet’s Society, “Carpe Diem.”

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  1. Janet F. says:

    Yes, Jone. Please seize today! I am sad that I have had some experiences with suicide in the community and in my wider family circle. None of it is anything anyone would ever wish to be around or part of. I am hoping that each day is good for you. I am hoping that perhaps this will bring more resources and determination to understand mental health illnesses better. We lost a cousin to this recently and it was horrible and so unexpected, out of character and sad. Since I don’t live near to that part of the family it is easier to move on. But it was just devastating at the time, overwhelming and shocking. I just wish I could have done more for my cousin. It may have had something to do with medication side effects etc. but we don’t know for sure. I can’t imagine the blackness that surrounds someone in so much pain. Didn’t we all have a soft spot for Robin Williams. He was such a genius and sounds like a wonderful person, so sweet, kind and noble. Yet flawed and overwhelmed by life, etc. Sad. Though the resilience you are showing and talking about can give hope to some.

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