SOLSC2014: When I Was Nine


I was sad to miss last Tuesday’s Slice of Life. But here’s another Tuesday and time to share slices at Two Writing Teachers

Fifty-two years ago the country experienced The Bay of Pigs. I was nine. They say that nine year olds are nervous lot. Yep, that was me.

Recently, I read Revolution by Deborah Wiles and I shared my thoughts in this POST.

I had her first book in the trilogy, Countdown. Which I read this week. Now where Revolution felt like worlds apart, Countdown capture that slice of time perfectly for me. She describes wearing Buster Brown shoes. I don’t know if Franny shoes were cute but my Buster Browns? U-G-L-Y! I hated them. So much so that I wore my mutt lucks for three weeks before getting caught by my father. And as Franny, I loved playing jacks.

I could not understand why my parents were so lax in building a bomb shelter. We has a house without a basement. Where would we go without a basement? What provisions did we have?

Here’s what I wrote about that period in 1989:


Even as an adult, I have had dreams of nuclear bombs. I have often wanted to discuss what it was like to be nine in Russia in 1962. Did they worry about America bombing them? Did they have the same kind of fears? Did they think about building bomb shelters?

Today my oldest grandgirl is nine. I owner what affect the international news has on her? Does she worry about beheadings or bombings? She hasn’t mentioned such worries.

I was going to put Countdown in the school library when I finished reading. I must keep it as it captures so much of me during that period. I will buy another plus Revolution for the library.

Now I have to wait for the final book by Wiles in the trilogy. I can’t wait.

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3 Responses to SOLSC2014: When I Was Nine

  1. Linda Baie says:

    I need to read Countdown too, Jone, am just finishing Revolution. I’m older, was in high school, & wrote so many poems about nuclear war & peace during that time. I don’t remember nightmares, but it’s clear I was worried. I hate that young children can be so scared like this, like Terje’s daughter & your granddaughter.

  2. Terje says:

    Thank you for sharing a page of your notebook. It felt almost as if you allowed me to hold your journal. I read your slice and instantly thought of my daughter who is nine. She came to me the other day so afraid of WW III because of what Russia is doing in Ukraine. I can’t remember having those fears as a child. I believe it’s worse for children nowadays because there is an instant flow of news form various media and quite often it’s rather scary.

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