SOLSC2014: September Ends


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How can it be that September ends today. Since August 31, 2014, I have:

-returned to school
-gained a class
-been relieved of teaching at another school(hooray)
-completed eight physical therapy sessions for my shoulder
– followed the exercise protocol for my shoulder
– returned to yard work in small amounts
– submitted poems for publication
-participated in three Google chats with my online group
– spent a day at the Willamette Writers house
-time with oldest grandgirl

It’s been quite a month.
I can hardly believe that October will be here in less than two hours.

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2 Responses to SOLSC2014: September Ends

  1. Indeed! I love your laundry list for September…and now it’s October. I had to take a day off yesterday (10/1) to finish my laundry list for September and write lesson plans and unit plans for the end of our semester, as well as grade papers and determine guided reading groups and interventions based on the results of said grading. We are remarkable! Gold star to us for getting so much accomplished!

  2. Tara Smith says:

    What a September! Glad you are on the mend, Jone!

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