Poem a Day(PAD 1): More Zeno

It’s November. Are you participating in NaNOWriMo? Actually I am not however, in the past I have tried participating in “Poem A Day.” Looking at past Novembers, I haven’t been the most consistent in writing. It’s good to have a challenge.
Now I am finishing up my middle grade children’s novel for the Darcy Pattison Novel Revision Retreat in January. The manuscript is due for exchange the end of this month. I seem to do better with challenges on my plate.
So for the first day of November, I am rather smitten with the Zeno form. This is my third this week:

Shortening days, lengthening nights,
foggy mornings,

© 2014 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

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1 Response to Poem a Day(PAD 1): More Zeno

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Best wishes in your challenge, Jone. I love “summer grieves”. The zeno is fun I agree.

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