SOLSC 2014: Christmas Trees


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for the opportunity to share a slice of life each week. Today I read Christmas Tree! By Florence and Wendell Minor to kinders. Fun book asking what kind of Christmas tree you’d like to be with illustrations of a variety of trees: one for dogs, cats ( filled with fish) and horses or trees for boats, a lighthouse of the Statue of Liberty. At the end there’s several interesting tidbits about Christmas tree lore.

One in particular reminded me of my childhood; in the 1890’s, it was the German custom to have Santa bring the tree along with the presents.

This was my childhood. My family would get the tree BUT it never came into the house until Christmas Eve after Santa had decorated it and left it in the living room with the presents.

My brother and I would awake Christmas morning and walk into the living room to find the tree lit up and all the presents that were left for us. It’s not a tradition I carried with me as an adult. I’ve always loved having my tree up for a weeks.

This is a photo, circa 1958, Christmas morning. My brother was about 2. Decorations and tinsel by Santa.


Living in Southern California, fresh cut trees were expensive. The year I was in fifth grade, our tree hatched flies. It was the last fresh cut tree we had. The next year, we had a fake tree complete with brand new lights. It made me sad. I loved all the really old ornaments. I loved the smell of the tree. I vowed to always have a real tree. And I did, until two years ago.

Our little table top tree, is courtesy of someone who was tired of their garage sale. I has inquired about the dicots of the tree which had only been used once. When I walked away, he ran after me and said, “Here, take it.” The ornaments fit nicely on the tree and I can have it around for longer.

While some kinders would have a tree with ice cream ornaments, I would like to see dark chocolate on my tree.

What about you?

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