SOLSC14: A Simple Christmas

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This is our Christmas tree for this year. Usually it graces the dining room buffet. But when I was in church on Sunday and realized I had yet to put up the tree and all the ornaments, I decided this year would be simple. And in the sermon, Pastor Katie shared her lights weren’t up yet. Was that a sign? Yup.

I love getting all of the Christmas decorations out Thanksgiving weekend. However, we were in California and then the December days flew by faster than Santa’s reindeer. That I am writing this on Christmas Day says it all. Later, we’ll go to oldest daughter’s house and open presents. Oldest grandgirl will be there and she’s expecting a “Christmas Feast.”

I haven’t always been that relaxed about Christmas. I’ve been the one who stresses to make sure it will be enough and maybe more. I wasn’t in the moment much when I was scurrying around like a crazy woman. And cranky, oh dear? Not the best behavior for Santa for sure.

I think it’s the letting go of expectations. Twenty-five years ago, my first marriage ended on Christmas. At first glance, it was over lists and presents but it was really much more than the perfect present. I was full of expectations and I have been letting go of them and my perfection tendencies over time.

Staying in the moment. Simplifying the decorations. Listening to others. And baking, there always has to have the baked goodies. Spending time with those you love.
Blessed holidays.

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  2. Ramona says:

    I love that you posted this on Christmas Day. I’m finally getting around to leaving some comments. I can identify with your phrase – the December days flew by faster than Santa’s reindeer. I used to be so sad to take down the Christmas decorations. Not any more, it seems that I just turn around and it’s here again. Thanks for sharing your recipe for a blessed Christmas!

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