SOL15: Meet My OLW: OPEN


Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing a place to share our weekly slices of life.

Welcome to 2015. This is my third year of selecting a OLW. I wasn’t sure how the word would appear. For awhile the word INTENTION hung around. But then OPEN started surfacing.

Someone suggested taking the OLW class through Ali Edwards. One thing that I wished last year was that I was more intentional about my word. This may help with the monthly prompts. Plus thanks to Ramona, I plan to visit my OLW on the fifth Tuesday for any month that has five Tuesdays.(a minimal goal)

OPEN will be a good guide. As I am close to sending off a manuscript, I need to be OPEN to the possibilities. As I write more poetry for children, I need to be OPEN to researching where to send. My husband and I are discussing downsizing and we need to be OPEN to possibilities.

OPEN…a beginning poem…

year begins
Opening the doors
Bringing light
One Little Word, a mantra
Remain OPEN
© 2015 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

Do you have a OLW? What is it?

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6 Responses to SOL15: Meet My OLW: OPEN

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  2. loraleebain says:

    Sounds like you picked a great word!

  3. maryleehahn says:

    Great word!

  4. Linda Baie says:

    I like the ideas you shared, Jone, and that you’ve made goals to share how it’s playing out in your life. Open has so many possibilities to imagine.

  5. Sue Ford says:

    Hey, we could put your poem OPEN in the next newsletter if you want! Just send it to me by the 30th. FYI, I have no idea was OLW stands for.

  6. Tara Smith says:

    Love it! I think intentionality is the key – finding a word that resonates with you for all the right reasons.

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