SOL15: Revision Writing Retreat

2015/01/img_07851.jpgThanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing a place to share our slices each week.

This weekend I had the privilege of spending the weekend with Darcy Pattison. She offers the Novel Revision Retreat.

It was the culmination of six months of planning. To start, we were required to have the first draft written of our novel. There were twenty of us in groups of four critique groups. During December we shared our manuscripts with our critique members.

The best way to describe the weekend: fleeting and not enough time. Darcy led us through activities that provided tools to work after the conference.

This weekend was one with limited Internet. Not because it wasn’t available but rather because is put the phone in Airplane mode and prevented it. There are times that I want to put my computer in that mode. To work without distraction.

My manuscript is close to being ready to send to the world. I feel like in the coming months, I should be able to zero in the polishing. I didn’t choose an easy route by writing a novel in verse so I feel it has to soar

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3 Responses to SOL15: Revision Writing Retreat

  1. jmjd says:

    I’ve been at writing retreats like this before and you captured the spirit of them just right. Good luck with final revisions!

  2. Carol says:

    Jone- Congratulations! What an exciting time for you! Can’t wait to read and review it on my blog!

  3. Linda Baie says:

    Jone, I wish you well, & hope in the next months you feel like it is ready to soar into the hands of a publisher! I imagine the weekend did go very quickly!

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