SOL2015: Treasures of the Past

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I grew up loving the antiques in Great Aunt and Uncle’s house. There was the China cupboard that Great Grandfather built.  There was the iron cat that was a door stop. Oh, the treasures. It was a house of antiques. I remember being upset when they passed on and then their daughter, my second cousin, needed to downsize. I was in college and missed out on asking for some things I thought I needed.

Ten year ago, I received the China cupboard with Mom’s China, crystal, and title odds and ends; some from house of antiques. It’s a special piece of furniture.

I also have other pieces of furniture that Great Grandfather built, two tables from both parents childhood homes, and the Grandfather clock that was in our family.

I grew up with the idea that family furniture stayed within the family. Now it’s time to downsize once more.  There seems to be a difference between my generation and the generation of my nieces and nephews.  

In a recent conversation with the nieces, it’s clear that some of what I consider to be the “must stays in the family” don’t seem so important to the youngest generation.  They seem to travel a bit lighter with processions. 

I discovered this when I asked them recently what they might like to have. It’s pretty clear that I may have to find different homes for some treasures.

There’s probably a benefit to traveling lighter. I do hope that perhaps some of the family treasures will indeed remain in the family.


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3 Responses to SOL2015: Treasures of the Past

  1. Peg D says:

    Your post makes me happy and sad. The thought of all that family history makes me drool. I would be thrilled to have that from my great grandparents. It is sad how people today don’t value the significance. I hope you can find a kindred spirit that will appreciate as much as you do.

  2. Lori says:

    I recently was given an old piece from my family. I love the memories it holds. I hope you will find those in your circle who will enjoy the pieces of your past.

  3. Alex says:

    Jone- Could definitely relate to this post. My mom moved into assisted living last March and we had to clean out her house. We got rid of tons and tons of stuff, but I’m the collector in the family, so I ended up with a lot of our family treasures. I have a little house and don’t have anywhere to display it, not to mention that my boys could care less about stuff like my grandmother’s teacups. Even so, it’s hard to let that stuff go emotionally.

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