SOLSC 2015 Day 6: Cat Bite

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Earlier this school year, a co-worker was bitten by her cat. She was out for a week. Had to see a hand surgeon.

Well, as I told her yesterday perhaps I wanted to be like her when I grow up because  I got bit by my grandgirl’s cat.  

I was feeding her cat with tuna from a cat. The cat misjudged the size of the tuna tidbit and thought my thumb was all tuna. This was at nine o’clock at night. No urgency care open and I really didn’t want to wait in the ER at a hospital. Plus it would mean making grandgirl stay up past her bedtime.

I washed it out, soaked in peroxide, and went to bed.  

By morning, it was clear that the infection was growing. If you read about cat bites, they’re one of the nastiest bites to get. So I had to schedule a doctor’s appointment, cancel Poetry Club, and CLA all the parents?

The doctor looked at it, commiserated with me, and then proceeded to prescribe two antibiotics.  She also let me know that I could expect a wild week as far as my stomach goes. Oh, yay! 

Husband was with me and insisted that I prepare for my stomach distress by purchasing chicken noodle soup, bananas, and bread. 

Tonight as I write there has been a few gurgles and a slight headache. I hope to get through school today.

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5 Responses to SOLSC 2015 Day 6: Cat Bite

  1. Mary Dunn says:

    I’m resting my head on my cat as I read this! Maybe I should reconsider. Hope your hand heals quickly and your week goes better than you anticipate.

  2. jhaworthoy says:

    Yes, you do need antibiotics as cat bites can be horrid. We just rescued two adult cats and one plays a bit too hard. We know now that when he rolls over and shows us his tummy….he really wants to play too rough. We think his former owner might have played like that when he was a kitten. Other than that…he is a big teddy bear. I hope your bite heals quickly and well.

  3. Judy C. says:

    So sorry about your cat bite. Our cat bit me while I was holding him for the vet! Not fun. It hurt something terrible and my hand grew in size. I’ve been very cautious around cats since then.

  4. Susanne says:

    So sorry! Antibiotics can be a bear, but here’s hoping for an easy day!

  5. Ouch…I hope you do get through the day without too much distress. It is good to have your hubby for support. I like the way you said grandgirl, a nice word choice.

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