SOLSC15 Day 9: Mom Monday


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I remember Mom having hair long enough that she would have it put into a French Twist.  The one luxury she allowed herself was a weekly visit to the beauty parlor (as they were called when I was young). She hated shopping for clothes. She wore little make-up. When I was young it was just for hair but as I got older, she also would have her nails done.  I  always marveled at how this was the one treat that was important to her.

One day when I was in sixth grade she arrived home a different person.  This is a poem written in 1996, revised in 2007.

French Twist

Mother’s dark hair
Up in a French twist
Practical easy care
Her weekly ritual

Beauty parlour on Main Street
Big eyelids for awnings and
Alien head ladies in a row
Drying hair, gossiping, taking a break.

Mother, French twist lady
Practical easy care
No daily primping needed
For the nurse who tended others

I looked up one day
Watch a platinum short hair
Woman descend stairs
Mom? “needed a change”

I do my own hair
Wonder about her weekly ritual
Fingers plying the hair, tending her
A modest practical respite.

Today I revised again:

French Twist

Mom wore her dark hair
up in a French twist
a practical carefree style for a nurse
who put patients first,
fashion last

Her weekly ritual
to journey to the beauty
parlour on Main Street,
the one with big
eyelids for awnings

Under the alien head dryers
Mom sat with other ladies,
gossiped and relaxed
after a long work week
a tiny treat she afforded

© 2015 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

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  1. Brian Wyzlic says:

    This reminds me of the day I came home from school after my mom chopped off about 6-10″ of her hair. I did not recognize her at first! Thanks for transporting me back to that moment 🙂

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