SOLSC 15 Day 12: Freaking Out

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I stayed home today. I had an acupuncture appointment mid-day. The morning gave me plenty of time to thing about the changes my husband and I have been discussing: downsizing, selling our house, and purchasing a condo.

Working in my writing room this morning, I was faced with the sheer amount of paper I/we accumulate.  There were Christmas cards for a couple years back. Do I pitch? Which do I save? If I am connected on Facebook, is there a need to keep? I emailed a couple of people about what they do with their old Christmas cards.

This led to me thinking about the forty years worth of teaching photos I have. What will I do with them? For years, I thought I would make a scrapbook of my teaching career after I retire.  Now I think why? Who will want pictures of people they don’t know?  And will it just cause more clutter? Do I want to save the photos digitally? What purpose will it serve?

I admire people who are minimalists. That was not my family. Clutter, clutter, clutter. And then I started to think about my friend who now lives in Arizona and how she’s so good at deck uttering and organizing and how she’s not going to be in the northwest for a while.

Then my mind ran to are we making the correct decision? If our house and the little patio. Was all we had, I would stay but we have a quarter acre. It’s too much for two people who’d rather be traveling  and one who’d rather write.  Argh.

On my drive in to see the acupuncturist, , I started to think about my friend, Kelly’s recent post on “sitting with the maybes”. This is difficult to do. I thought about another friend who talked about “living without a net.” By the time I got the the acupuncturist, I was pretty worked up. 

Thankfully, she knew just the right points to hit and put essential oils on the bottom of my feet for grounding. After an hour, I left more calm than when I arrived.   I have to put one foot in front of the other and take it step by step.

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2 Responses to SOLSC 15 Day 12: Freaking Out

  1. Terrie DeHaan says:

    I felt your anxiety in this piece. Forty years of memories; how beautiful! I admire minamilist too! I can understand why you are being pulled in two different directions. I love my acupuncturist too! Good luck!

  2. spiffygryphy says:

    I feel your pain! I’m a pack rat – so much stuff. I keep wanting to get rid of some of it, but each piece holds a memory.

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