SOLSC15 Day 22: Flash From the Past


Day 22 of 31 slicing days.  More slices are at Two Writing Teachers.

As stated in yesterday’s post, husband and I spent last night with a friend from high school and her husband.  Her husband loves music and plays bass and has all his life.  My husband was the outsider last night because he grew up in Oregon while we are/were all SoCal people.  Husband wasn’t an outsider with his sheer knowledge of all the bands and music of the sixties.

So while two husbands talked bands, my friend and I interjected comments into the conversation.  Then the words, “Devonshire Downs” were said and I was taken back in time.

DevonshireDownsDevonshire Downs (From the San Fernando Valley Museum)
Yes, I did attend this concert.

A flood of memories rushed into my head.  I was there on Saturday.  I missed seeing the great Jimi Hendrix and Joe Cocker.  I was sixteen.  I would be leaving for France within the week for the summer. The day was hazy and hot.  I most likely drank alcohol. (my drug of choice) I wasn’t a drug taker (the story of Art Linkletter’s daughter and how she died made me fearful of taking acid. BTW, she jumped from a two story roof thinking she was a spider).

What’s bubbling up is that I went with friends but I was avoiding a boy who may have liked me.  Of course, it was awkward when I ran into him at the concert.  The music was loud and we all danced.  My parents weren’t too keen on my attendance at a hippie festival such as this.

This time period; the Vietnam War, questioning authority, relaxing the social mores, and the music seems to be what binds many of us as friends today.

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9 Responses to SOLSC15 Day 22: Flash From the Past

  1. THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!! What a cool life you have lived. WOW!!!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I was married by then, & my husband was the radio station manager of a rock station, We saw, & sometimes go to meet all the greats, but I still love Joe Cocker the best. “I get by. ..” It was quite a time, & my younger cousins were more into the hippie stuff, but I loved the freer ideas, seems sometimes like we’ve gone backwards. Love that you had fun with your friends, Jone.

  3. Gael Lynch says:

    We have a whole group of friends who are music lovers from that era too. Isn’t it amazing how you’re almost airlifted back when you hear even a note or two?

  4. Jennifer says:

    This was so much fun to read and sparked a shower of memories of my crazy, bad decision days. Glad you made the right choices. Thanks for sharing.

  5. elsie says:

    I had to laugh at the ticket price, we could only wish to return to those prices. I think I would have preferred the Sunday concert. I was a Grass Roots and Three Dog Night fan. Memories, never know what will spark them.

  6. Morgan says:

    This makes me wonder what flashbulb memories are waiting to be uncovered. Amazing that yours was unearthed through a conversation with old friends. This reminds me of another slice from yesterday about the importance of being present in our lives and finding balance to experience things outside of work. It is moments like these that connect us to our writing and to each other. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I like how you just let the memory flow, pulling bits and pieces as they come!

  8. mrssurridge says:

    Listening to someone else’s conversation allows for some great flashbacks/memories. I love your images.

  9. Lindsay Slater says:

    What a cool reflection on a time from your youth…it’s always interesting what parts stand out the most.

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