SOLSC 15 Day 24: Thinking About Dad


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Scan 109 (1)
This is Dad, circa 1992.

Dad loved his woodworking projects.  He made special cases; one for music boxes and one for decorative eggs for two of his grandgirls.

The tee shirt he’s wearing was a favorite.  It’s from the “Beer Caucus” which showed up at the National Education Association Conference every summer.  I attended several and made a point to visit the New Jersey delegation, home of the “Beer Caucus”.

I think as Dad aged and realized that he didn’t have the stamina to create wood projects, a little bit of him died.  His father was an incredible engineer and the genes were passed onto him as well as my brother.

Today would have been his 92nd birthday.  I miss his ability to tell jokes, his irreverence, and his love of teaching.

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6 Responses to SOLSC 15 Day 24: Thinking About Dad

  1. medunn80 says:

    What a nice tribute. I think I would have enjoyed sharing a beer with him. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday to your dad. He looks like a kind man, kind and creative. It isn’t any man who can wear a red and white striped hat. Do you have any photographs of the special cases he made?
    I would love to see something he made.
    Sending you hugs as you remember your father today.x

  3. Linda Baie says:

    So nice to hear about your dad, Jone, and to see his picture, learn about the things he could do, and his favorite tee-shirt. Those are the memories that really make us miss our parents.

  4. ccahill2013 says:

    Such a nice tribute to your dad. I just sliced remembering my dad a couple of days ago. Our fathers are so very important to us. Their loss leaves a huge hole in our lives. Thank You.

  5. Woodworking is a work of art and a work of heart. What a lovely slice for your dad!

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