SOLSC 15 Day 26: Getting Excited for National Poetry Month


More slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers.

Well, I left school at 4:30 this afternoon feeling accomplished. For the last two months, grades three through five have been hard at work with writing poems. My task has been to collate the poems, the ones that are finished (testing and tech issues have been roadblocks).

Third and fourth grade research animals and then wrote animal poems.  Fifth grade has been researching a variety of topics. So they are wriing “Deeper Thinking Poems” modeled from a  Joyce Sidman poem and featured at Today’s Little Ditty.

One hundred nine poems were submitted to Young American Poet Digest through the National Schools Project.   Now we will wait for acceptance.

These poems are being made into the poetry postcards to be sent out next week for National Poetry Month. You can sign up HERE for one.

And the poems will be featured over at Check It Out again for National Poetry Month.

National Poetry Month is only seven days away.

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5 Responses to SOLSC 15 Day 26: Getting Excited for National Poetry Month

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m so excited for poetry month! My students are going to participate in the Dear Poet project through the Academy of American Poets.

  2. Tara Smith says:

    So much to look forward to – come on, April!

  3. spillarke says:

    What poetry fun is this! Love the poetry postcard idea too. Such rich work you are doing. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. smpeters says:

    Thank you for sharing all your fabulous ideas and hard work. Keeping my fingers crossed that students receive acceptance letters for publication 🙂 I enjoyed getting lost in the links.

  5. I’m glad I’m here. I just got pumped for NaPoMo after seeing a tweet from Lynne Dorfman. I got inspired to include poems, instead of love notes, to my daughter in her lunch box next month. I can’t wait to find the right ones. 🙂

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