SOLSC 15: Day 27: Only Four Days Until…


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You are cordially invited to write poems with me for the month of April.  This is my first time hosting a month long poetry challenge for others to join in. I am nervous and excited all at once.

I am playing with poems that have something to do with nature and have double “L’s” (like my last name). Please consider joining me.

The words:

April 1: Alluvium
April 2: Bullfrog
April 3: Chollas
April 4: Duckbill
April 5: Elliptic
April 6: Flotilla
April 7: Gazelles
April 8: Hollow
April 9: Illumine
April 10: Jellyfish
April 11: Knolls
April 12: Lollygag
April 13: Mulleins
April 14: Nigellas
April 15: Ocotilla
April 16: Pollen
April 17: Quills
April 18: Ramtilla
April 19: Shallows
April 20: Trillium
April 21: Umbrella
April 22: Vanilla
April 23: Willow
April 24: Yellow
April 25: Zorilla
April 26: Allspice
April 27: Bullrush
April 28: Calla
April 29: Diallage
April 30:  FREE “LL” CHOICE

For those who join in, you will be entered in to win some poetry prizes (top sekrit for now).

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  3. Double LL’s – I think of the picture book “Double Trouble in Walla Walla” by Andrew Clements. I am looking at your list and thinking I will be spending some quality time with the dictionary. Sounds fun.

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