SOLSC 15: Day 29: Sunday is For Resting and Writing

IMG_0785I can hardly believe that it’s Day 29 of the challenge. Thank you Two Writing Teachers for this opportunity.

Yesterday was productive. in the evening husband, daughter, and grad girl attend the Blazer basketball game with friends.  Great game and so fun to see grand girl at her first pro basketball game.  She loved the shouting for the home team.

Afterwards we went in search of dessert.  We discovered that some places near daughter’s house close early.  Finally we found a place for dessert and headed home. Way past bedtime.

This morning I slept in, meaning I woke at 7:45 AM.  I’m usually awake on Sundays. And despite some green tea and oatmeal.  I went back to bed until almost 11 AM. Which.I. Never. Do.

My body needed the rest. I chose not to fight.  Today my leg muscles remind me that I spent time out in the front yard yesterday.  Sunday is a day of rest.  And while my plan to write starting at 8:30 was delayed, I am writing now.

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2 Responses to SOLSC 15: Day 29: Sunday is For Resting and Writing

  1. Oh, how I wish I could have gone back to sleep this morning. But I did take a wonderful nap this afternoon! 🙂 Good for you for resting both your body and your mind!

  2. Tara Smith says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely evening, and a delightfully lovely morning. Enjoy the rest of the day!

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