SOLSC 15 Day 31: Where Did the Month Go?


More slices can be found at Two Writing Teachers.

The SOLSC15 is almost finished. My OLW: OPEN  assisted me throughout the challenge. By remaining open to possibilities, I wrote all month long. 

It’s the first challenge that I had something to write about every day.  I didn’t panic.  This year I participated in the comment challenge and I checked in out new bloggers daily. I found new blogs to read throughout the year.

Here’s my list from day one. I highlighted the posts I wrote.

Mom Mondays
Poetry forms

Poetry Rocks: Performance Poetry
My brother (birthday March 15)
How my job is evolving

Books I am reading
Responding to quotes
Cat in the Hat Family Library Night
Remembering my dad(birthday March24)
Gardening or how my yard is attacking us

Hitch hiking off of other posts

I also participated in My Little Juicy Universe’s MarCH poetry challenge and Today’s Little Ditty’s tanka challenge.

I grateful to  Tara, Anna, Beth, Betsy, Dana, And Stacy for all their work to make this a successful challenge.

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5 Responses to SOLSC 15 Day 31: Where Did the Month Go?

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Jone, it’s always fun to read your posts, & I think you’ve done more poetry throughout the month than you usually do. I’m always working at the poems, but don’t often post them, will try to visit your challenge this month at least a few times. Congrats on posting every day.

  2. margaretsmn says:

    Give yourself a pat on the back. Take a deep breath. And join us on Twitter with daily poetry in April. #DigiPoetry No rules. Just celebrating poetry and keeping connected.

  3. It is always interesting to read the reflections at the end of March. This is my 4th year participating and there is always a surprise at then end. Wonderful to read how being open to possibilities guided you!

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