National Poetry Month: The “LL” Challenge: Alluvium

2015 Double LL

63240012“LL” Challenge: Alluvium

I’ve just completed the SOLSC15 month-long challenge.  It’s time to write more.   Daily “Double LL” prompts will be given.  They all can connect to nature.
Anyone who shares a poem in the comments or a link, will be eligible for a Poetry Book Prize Package.  I am waiting to hear about one item before I announce the contents.

Today’s word:  ALLUVIUM

Definition:  from Latin, to wash against. Deposits of earth  sand. Made by rivers and floods.

sifting the alluvium
with my toes
sinking sun
broken shards from a hidden past

© 2015 Jone Rush MacCulloch all rights reserved

This is partly inspired by this PASSAGE by David Huerta.

This from my friend, Dr. Rick McGrath:
past alluvium
hinders my present efforts
causing me
to doubt tomorrow’s storms
wash away my troubled past

Tomorrow: Bullfrog.

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6 Responses to National Poetry Month: The “LL” Challenge: Alluvium

  1. Janet F. says:

    I love your LL challenge Jone! The Poetry Friday poets are so creative! I hope I have some days where I can write a poem. I do not know the word alluvium so this is helping my vocabulary! So much to enjoy in NaPoWrMo!! Thanks, Jone.

    Pockets of streams settle
    Into alluvium deposits
    Curving, stretching, shaping
    Themselves into visual codes
    I attempt to decipher.

    (c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

  3. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, I started my Poetry Parade with your Double LL challenge. It can be found at Still working on the design of Winter Whisperings, soon to be unveiled.

  4. after recess
    cheeks bear
    an alluvium
    of shallow silt
    carried by
    fleeting tears

    –Heidi Mordhorst 2015
    all rights reserved

    I got going with the double letters! Thanks, Jone, and for leading the way on the next big challenge!

  5. maryleehahn says:

    Llovelly. I have an A today, but no double Ls. There will be a bullfrog in tomorrow’s poem!

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