National Poetry Month: The “LL” Challenge: Duckbill


Today’s word: DUCKBILL

Definition:  duckbill  small densely furred aquatic monotreme
of Australia andTasmania having a broad bill and tail and webbed feet;
only species in the family Ornithorhynchidae

the duckbilled platypus
its beaver-like tail,
duckbilled mouth,
and webbed feet.

An egg-laying mammal
Known to help the Easter bunny.

Today’s poem needs revision. It’s on the fly. Working in the yard.

Sunday Update: I thought this has been published.

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3 Responses to National Poetry Month: The “LL” Challenge: Duckbill

    My stretched out muzzle
    Nuzzles against Mama’s
    Abdomen, lapping up
    Milk leaking through
    Her pores. My duckbill
    Getting its fill.

    (c) Charles Waters 2015 all rights reserved.

  2. I did not know that the platypus helped the Easter bunny. I hope you enjoyed your yard today.

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