SOL15: Returning from Blogcation

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Can I just say that I am happy to new back form my blogcation?  I am going ease in slow because there’s so much to share with you all!!

We said good-bye to our sweet 19 YO gal.

Sophie on the left.

We downsized into a condo with a view of outrageous sunsets.


We drove to SoCal to see family.
Our younger dog (who’s naughty as all get out) missed us and escaped his caretaker. We considered it a sign so we returned home after being only in California for forty-eight hours. Thank goodness he was chipped and found.

Since OPEN is my word for the year, I took a brave step and submitted my manuscript to Pitch Wars.  It was optional but I created a bio for the event.

Once again its CYBILS time. That means we’re looking for panelists and judges.  To find out the information and apply, go to the CYBILS website.  I am always looking for people to serve on the poetry committee.  So especially if you participate in Poetry Friday, please consider applying. OR even if you don’t but you love poetry, please consider applying.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

I still have boxes to unpack.  My official school work begins tomorrow.

But I am happy to back contributing each Tuesday to SOL.

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6 Responses to SOL15: Returning from Blogcation

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Sorry for your loss of Sophie, Jone. We had a wonderful dog named Sophie too a long time ago. I hope your first day was a pleasure, and more to come.

  2. Ramona says:

    Welcome back! So much fun and sorrow mixed in. It’s hard to say goodbye to our friends (we lost our 18 year old cat this spring). Congrats on being brave! Welcome back (love the sunset pic).

  3. mrssurridge says:

    Not much of a poetry writer, but I forgot that today was Tuesday and poetry was what I came up with. Plus, I’m always amazed by how poetry writers make words work so beautifully.
    I am most struck by how you had to say good bye to your family member, Sophie. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is tough…not to mention returning to real life, moving and submitting a manuscript. Yikes. You make me tired.

  4. raeily says:

    I’m sorry for your loss of your furbaby. It sounds like you have a lot going on but the internet is glad you are back from your blogcation!

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