SOL15: Poetry Swap

It’s Tuesday and time to share a slice of life. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers for providing a place for sharing our slices.

Thanks to Tabatha, several of us have regular opportunities to swap poetry throughout the year.  This year, I was paired with Joyce Ray from New Hampshire.  

We are given an optional poetry prompt and are instructed to send a poem and a small gift.  Last week, just in time for my neck surgery, Joyce’s treasures arrived; a lovely glass heart shaped pendant with earrings in the color of a spring morning and a small pillow filled with balsam (which reminds me of rosemary and which I have to keep from Buster, my dog).   

The poem below is Joyce’s take on Monet’s painting, “Train in the Snow”. In this time of holiday arrivals and departures, it’s fitting. In the dark of winter, the sunflower lights guide the train. 
Opportunities like this reminds me of having pen pals  as a child. How lucky we are to live in a time where sharing poetry with others is accessible.

For those who celebrate, Merry Christmas. Next Tuesday, I will reflect on my OLW: OPEN.

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  1. Linda Baie says:

    Our swapping is wonderful, isn’t it? What lovely gifts, including the poem, so lonely sounding, beautiful with the picture. Merry Christmas, Jone. I hope you are recuperating nicely.

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