SOL16: It’s Okay to Read in the Afternoon


It’s Tuesday, time to share our slices at Two Writing Teachers.

I love reading books. It’s a major reason for being a teacher librarian.

I have a secret: I seem to have myself convinced I can only read before bed. Even on the weekend. I think I have to be busy and productive on the weekend before I allow my self time to read.

I have a lot to read and am always puzzled how some people can read so many books in a year.

As part of my OLW: focus, I am focusing on the habit of reading in the afternoon during the weekend.

I tried this last Saturday. I had a copy of The Hired Girl by Amy Schlitz from the library. It was due on Sunday and had holds  so I couldn’t renew the book. So I read. I got lost in a book in the afternoon. And it was pretty neat to do.

Hoping to find more afternoons of reading. It’s okay to read in the afternoon.






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4 Responses to SOL16: It’s Okay to Read in the Afternoon

  1. I stole the idea from Stephen King.

  2. I bring a book wherever I go … I read at doctor’s office, waiting in line to return something, at the post office (I’ve noticed if you are reading while waiting in line – they get to you faster – not too sure why.) Hired Girl was my favorite book of 2015! I read it EVERYWHeRE twice!

  3. Ramona says:

    Tattered Cover, a lovely place for an afternoon read! Jone, I totally get this. Even in retirement, I tend to put off my reading until bedtime as some kind of reward for having worked hard all day. Here’s to more daytime reading breaks!

  4. Carol says:

    I love going to Tattered Cover on Saturday afternoons to read! I don’t do it often, but it always makes me so happy!

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