SOL16 Day 15 of 31: Six Stories About My Brother

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Jon and me, Disneyland, circa 1962.

My brother turns 60 today. Here are six mini stories in celebration of six decades.

Story One

I was three when Jon was born. I didn’t want a baby brother. I wanted a cowboy.

Story Two

Jon had an unique language when he was learning to talk. Lumpdunk was water, ganisk-ganisk was horse, and I was Goose.

Story Three

We spent many holidays with our great aunt and uncle in the little desert town of Adelanto, CA. We had many foot fights.  One of the great foods at the holiday feast was blue cheese, cauliflower, and tomato soup casserole. I love this food but Jon hates it.

Story Four

I sometimes taunted my brother by threatening to harm his lizards, he’d catch in our backyard.(key word is threatened, never  followed through). In sixth grade there was a day that I was dressed in a Girl Scout uniform, ready for school. My brother walked into my bedroom with a lotion bottle and squirted lotion all over me. Our mom had no sympathy for me because of taunts.

Story Five

Okay, I taunted my little brother. Had foot fights in the car on trips. But one time I stood up for Jon. We had next door neighbors who had children the same ages as us. On day, the boy next door (my brother’s age) was being mean to him. Now time has clouded the memory of what happened but I clearly remember my reaction.  I had this plastic bubble ring on my finger. I hauled off and smacked the neighbor boy in the eye.

Story Six

I graduated and went onto to college in Oregon. Graduated and started teaching here. Jon graduated and went into the service. After service, he started in the space industry. One year, he visited my school and talked about his work on the space station. The kids loved it. He’s a natural teacher. It was no surprise that he helped other students when he was in massage therapy school a couple of years ago.

And a story to grow on…

Just remembered this story.  I was in fourth or fifth grade.  We kids of the neighborhood decided on having a talent show. Jon was about five years  old maybe six.  He and his friend decided their talent was to “box” each other.  My brother in his crew cut hair, shorts, shirt and bow tie was pretty hilarious.

Our paths have meandered throughout the years. We’ve experienced the passing of our parents and the births of grand kids. And while we’re miles away, we’re connected.  Just a couple weeks ago, I felt a need to text him, he’d been on my mind. As it turned out, he had news to share.  So while I couldn’t be with him today, I’ve been able to write about him.





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3 Responses to SOL16 Day 15 of 31: Six Stories About My Brother

  1. Veronica says:

    Loved the stories and how each memory weaved into today.

    Thank you!

  2. cvarsalona says:

    It was great hearing about your early days, Jone. The story of you in your girl scout uniform is a classic one. LOLL

  3. Lisa R says:

    What a lovely tribute to your brother and to your relationship.

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