NaPoWriMo Poetic Form Challenge 1/30: Freestyle Fridays

2016 NaPoWriMo

Poetry Friday is hosted by Amy at The Poem Farm.  Today begins a month long journey with poetic forms.  Welcome to Freestyle Fridays.  It could be a Fibonacci poem or free verse or whatever I feel in the mood to write.  Maybe even a pantoum.

20160331_070358Christmas cactus making appearance for Easter

reluctant bloomer
a single bloom
three months late
nine months early
a spring lipstick tube

©Jone Rush MacCulloch, 2016


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6 Responses to NaPoWriMo Poetic Form Challenge 1/30: Freestyle Fridays

  1. It IS a lipstick tube…just perfect!
    I just read an article that said Christmas cactuses are good to keep in the kitchen.
    Happy National Poetry Month!

  2. I wouldn’t mind a lipstick in that shade. 🙂 Great post.

  3. maryleehahn says:

    Ha! That’s one confused Christmas Cactus!!

  4. Donna Smith says:

    I do like the constraints of forms, but have lately been more “free-forming it”. I may try to incorporate some forms this month as I make my way through the alphabet too with poems. We’ll see. Love the image of the Christmas Cactus. I used to have one. I wonder whatever happened to it. It probably ran away. I was not a very good mother to it.

  5. dmayr says:

    Ha, ha! I noticed a flower bud on my cactus, too. Definitely an Easter Cactus! Good luck with your forms challenge. Forms scare me a little (make that a lot), so I applaud your undertaking!

  6. rosemawrites says:

    Love the photo and the poem you made out of it. 🙂

    @rosemawrites from
    A Reading Writer

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