SOL16: Serenity is My Default


It’s Tuesday and I am ever grateful to Two Writing Teachers for providing a place to share our slices.

The end of the school year.
The shooting in Orlando.
The busyness of this time of year.
The overwhelming sorrow of the loss of lives.

I find myself thinking about “Serenity is my default.”  It’s become part of my focus (and focus is my OLW).

A couple weeks ago I fell and cracked open my elbow.  Needed stitches.  In some odd way, to me it was the universe saying “Slow Down!”

Saturday was the first weekend where the weekend calendar wasn’t littered with events and to dos. I had a choice to work out or not.  I chose to sit at home and catch my breath.

For me to maintain serenity as my default, I need down time.  Even though much of what I engage in is fun, I need down time.  I don’t allow that a lot.

And then Sunday, how many more mass shootings must we have  to eliminate assualt rifles?  And those victims, where is their serenity?  How will serenity become their default once more.

I say the Serenity Prayer a lot. Serenity~Acceptance~Wisdom are key words to meditate upon.









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