SOL16: Returning


It’s Tuesday and time for slices.  Thank you to the bloggers at Two Writing Teachers for making this happen.

July was filled with lots of adventures.  Starting with an eleven day trip to Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

IMG_0033.JPGAt the Buhl, ID parade.  Alway serenaded by the fellow with the ukulele before the parade starts.

We always spend July 4 with our good friends in Idaho to watch the small town parade filled with politician floats, candy thrown, horses, big tractors, and church floats.  It’s always is followed by a cookout and fireworks.  However, this year, since we were getting up and on the road by five in the morning, we skipped the fireworks.

July 5, we were up and at it early to Yellowstone.  I had never been there.  It was great as we were in the park by ten in the morning.  And I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as crazy busy as I anticipated.

The first day we traveled the northern loop.

Day two we traveled the southern loop. Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Then we headed to Cody, Wyoming.  We spent three nights there at a B&B thirty miles out of town.  We took in the Cody Museum, buffalo burgers, and the Night Rodeo.  On Friday, our hosts took us to see petroglyphs and something called ‘the whales’.  These are definitely off the beaten track.

We said good-bye to our wonderful hosts and traveled to Helena on Saturday, July 9.  And by Sunday, we were ready to be heading toward home.  Eleven days is  long for us to be gone.  We missed our Buster boy.

I am so ready to return to Yellowstone.  I know what I want to do the next time I am there.  For one thing, I want to be at Old Faithful at sunset.  We stayed in West Yellowstone and I would love to stay at the lodge.

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6 Responses to SOL16: Returning

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Jone, your photos took me right to Yellowstone as a summerscape moment since I have never been there. Considering sending in a digital inspiration for my summer gallery. I am looking forward to using the mini-notebook you sent me.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I love seeing the pictures, Jone. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I’ve been to Yellowstone several times, have stayed at the lodge with my students, a wonderful place. I hope you’ll get to return to stay there. I often have thought it would be wonderful to be a volunteer there one summer.

  3. Tara Smith says:

    Your photographs and writing make me want to plan a trip to Yellowstone, too. What an extraordinary place!

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