SOL16: Summer in Seaside, OR


It’s Tuesday and time to share our life slices courtesy of Two Writing Teachers.

Each summer for for the last ten summers, we spend at least four days in Seaside, OR.  We’ve rented the same perfect house each year.  Our dinners don’t vary much: tacos or crock pot fajitas, spaghetti, and always an evening for pizza.

This is a week to eat eat elephant ears, drink birch beer (which is not easily found on the west coast), and nibble on doughnuts or other treats.

Until last year, it was definitely a time to disconnect as the house didn’t have Wi-Fi.  Last year, the house joined the 21st century.  I don’t mind this change as I can sit and contribute to SOL without going to a place with Wi-Fi.

We don’t worry about the weather even if it says there might be showers such as it did this week.  The showers seem to schedule themselves for when we are sleeping.  Both Sunday (the day we arrived) and yesterday had sun and was it was warm.

No schedule for us.  We tend to stay up later than usual and sleep in (if, for me, you can call 7 AM sleeping in).  I love getting up, letting the dog out, making tea, and sitting in the quiet.

13939501_10210169440175840_4554787560403221815_nYesterday, we rode around on a surrey.  Last time we did this, oldest rrandgirl was a toddler.  Yesterday, it was like a preview into driving lessons  They are about four years away. What a workout especially when Grandpa thought maybe he didn’t have to pedal.

One of my favorite jaunts is the trip to the local bookstore, Beach Books.  Grandgirl and I peruse books and then pick out a couple.  It’s been fun watching her grow as a reader.

This summer, grandgirl asked to go to antique stores.  This is a new twist and I wonder if she was born in the right century.  She loves old things, wants a rotary phone and vintage clothing.  Her sunglasses above are in homage to John Lennon.  She turns twelve in November.

This place is typically the last hurrah before the start of school.  I bring the peace and fun with me as I prepare for the new school year.


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3 Responses to SOL16: Summer in Seaside, OR

  1. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip! Your words painted such a clear picture, I felt like I was there.

    Claire 🙂

  2. Linda Baie says:

    It looks like a piece of heaven, Jone. I love our family beach time, with all those things mentioned. And love that you’re seeing your own grand girl grow up. My oldest grandson will be 15 very soon. Time certainly goes quickly. Thanks for sharing your special time with us.

  3. Adrienne says:

    I’m in Portland, OR and enjoyed the rain of the last two days. Warmer weather is coming. Thanks for sharing your trip to Seaside. We are definitely on the slide to the new school year and I am almost ready for it to begin.

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