SOL16: Late Edition, Tualatin Wildlife Refuge


I am late with this slice.  To see more, go to Two Writing Teachers.

Twenty minutes from my house is the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge.  On Sunday, husband and I went exploring.  It’s been on my to do list. Here’s a brief description from the website:

Located on the outskirts of Portland, OR, Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is one of only a handful of urban national wildlife refuges in the country. Situated within the floodplain of the Tualatin River, the Refuge comprises less than 1% of the 712 square mile watershed. Yet, due to it’s richness and diversity of habitats, the Refuge supports some of the most abundant and varied wildlife in the watershed.

There are amazing oaks at the refuge.

The path is about three miles during the summer months.  On Sunday, the morning started clear and warmed up quick.  following the path, we came upon the Tualatin River.

20160814_102331(0)-2I think in fall and winter, one might see eagles on the bare trees.

This year the Queen Anne’s Lace appears abundant, like fields of it.

We continued walking the path serenaded by the background white noise of grasshoppers and unidentified birds. below our traveling feet, grasshoppers flitted around.  It’s been awhile since any have crossed my path.

Somewhere hidden must have been a skunk napping as the musky odor filled the air.  Soon in the air swallows swooped and dove above us.  As we neared the waterway, we could tell by people at standstill on the banks, there was something of interest; a nutria family.

Nutria were introduced to help with the fur trade in the 1800’s.  Unfortunately, as cute and fun to watch as they are they are invasive and destructive.  They burrow into banks and dikes destroying them.  But they certainly made for great photo ops.

However, if there was one animal I saw on Sunday that was the king of posing, it was the great blue heron.  He really struck a pose for me.

I am looking forward to returning soon to this place.  I think watching the seasons here will provided food for the spirit and soul.

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4 Responses to SOL16: Late Edition, Tualatin Wildlife Refuge

  1. Loralee says:

    What an incredible place! I loved reading your slice and seeing your photos.

  2. Ramona says:

    Love your musings as you visited this refuge. And the heron is definitely a poser. It will be great fun to visit in the different seasons of the year. We’ll look forward to seasonal posts.

  3. says:

    Hi, Jone,

    I’ve been meaning to get down to this refuge, but haven’t yet. Thanks for sharing. My Facebook post today is a picture of an osprey with a fish from the Steigerwald refuge. That would be a fun place to go take some pictures together 🙂

    Claire 🙂

    • macrush53 says:

      Claire, Yes, yes. They actually have a photo blind that you can reserve on Wed., Sat., and Sun. I am checking into that but this fall let’s get together and visit.

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