Poetry Friday: Gossipers


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Michelle at Today’s Little Ditty is hosting Poetry Friday.  It’s perfect as I have a response to Jane Yolen’s DMC.  It is to do the following:

Write a poem in which reading and or writing is featured in the form of a septercet, Jane Yolen invented it.

Each verse (as many verses as you want) needs to have three lines, each with seven syllables. It can be rhymed or not.


Library books sit on shelves
Wait for lights off and begin
hushed voices with each other

Conversations in the dark
Whoa, she dogeared my pages.
I felt his tears on THE END.

Forgotten, not been checked out.
A first grader stole a book,
Tucked it under her rag coat.

Blue moon shines through the window.
Library books, gossipers,
Whispering words without sleep.

© Jone Rush MacCulloch, 2016



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10 Responses to Poetry Friday: Gossipers

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  2. Jone, I love the idea that the books are keeping track. Maybe even jealous of the one stolen.

  3. dorireadsd says:

    I love the idea that those books would rather sit up and talk than sleep. Nice.

  4. murphpoet says:

    Excellent! I love the idea of books sharing their stories after dark.

  5. What a cool idea–listening in on library books after the lights are off! I’m getting inspired to try a septercet of my own.

  6. Ramona says:

    I love the idea of those gossipers, beginning to chat just as the lights dim! And the blue moon – a delightful image.

  7. What a wonderful surprise waiting for me here at the of the roundup listing! This is fabulous, Jone! And totally believable, I might add. I’ve always known libraries are magical places. 🙂 When you get a chance, would you please cut and paste your poem onto the padlet? https://padlet.com/TodaysLittleDitty/September2016 Thanks!

  8. Tabatha says:

    You’ve created a wonderful world of gossipers here! I can totally picture it.

  9. I’ve always had a deep respect for Jane Yolen – her “How Do Dinosaurs….” series have always been story time staples at my library.

  10. morencyclr@aol.com says:

    Hi, Jone,

    Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully. I love your work!!

    Claire 🙂

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