SOL2016: Writing Group for the Win


It’s Tuesday and time for a slice.  To read more, go to Two Writing Teachers.

Monday night was my monthly meeting with my writing group.  We didn’t plan it for it to be on the night of a historic happening.  But I am glad I was sitting with four others and reading five pieces of writing.

It was a terrific evening.  We had a new person join our group.  We had great food always and we laughed.

For me, bringing my latest revision to the group showed that I was on the right track.  I have been struggling with my manuscript of late.  Something clicked on an idea and a poem structure and the feedback was positive.  Which caused me to do a happy dance.  Of course, I was sort of sad that I couldn’t stay home today to write.  Because I want to keep it going.

Writing group is always for the win.


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