SOL16: Reflecting on Monday on My OLW: Focus

Welcome Tuesday. Time for a slice. Thanks to Two Writing Teachers in providing space for us to share our slices.

FOCUS has been my 2016 word. Since Poetry Camp, I have been focusing on poetry as well as figuring out how to carve out more time.

I have a couple of poetry projects: submitting poems for a local magazine and of course, my manuscript. 

I just figured out a key piece in my manuscript and it’s a game changer. But I have to focus my time and lately things are getting on the calendar instead of writing. That needs to change.

FOCUS: Finding Opportunities for Continuing Useful Studies

 I have a bracelet which says: Where focus goes, energy flows.  

I am now signing off to focus on some poems and let the energy flow.

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4 Responses to SOL16: Reflecting on Monday on My OLW: Focus

  1. Ramona says:

    Jone, I love your bracelet quote! Just put it in my notebook so I can use it to remind me about a current project. And I probably need to spend some time reflecting on my OLW too. Love how your kept your slice short so you could focus on what’s important to you.

  2. Poetry is awesome. I hope I can teach it to be as awesome !

  3. MAK says:

    Thank you for the modeling of focus. 🙂

  4. wahooteacher says:

    I love “where focus goes, energy flows.” I need to record that in my notebook!

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