SOL2016: November 1st

IMG_0785It’s Tuesday and time to share a slice.  I am thank for Two Writing Teachers for providing a gathering place each week.

Today is November 1st. My father always said it was the darkest month for him as it’s when his father died and when my mother was so sick while pregnant with my brother.

The end of Daylight Savings brings darkness at 4:30 PM so I am leaving for work in the dark and arriving home in the dark.  That’s why having the house lighted with candles is so important.  And I love seeing how people put up their lights in November.

Last year with my neck surgery,  decorations for the holidays was at a minimum.  This year, I want to get decorations out.  Especially the lights.

In church recently we were asked what brings us light and how do we bring light to others.  And how to we bring light to others with out burning out our own light?

November is also the month for reflecting on the things I am grateful for.  I usually post on my Facebook page.  Sometimes I wonder why I don’t write it throughout the year.

I am grateful for this opportunity for reflection each week.  I appreciate the community which has developed at Two Writing Teachers through our slices.  This weekly commitment helps to push me in my writing.

What are you grateful for in November?

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    Thank you for giving me something to ponder…Claire 🙂

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