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Wordless Wednesday: Week 51

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postcard exchange lists mathematical puzzle one I can solve

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gaggle of geese the photographer snaps family portrait

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golden crowned sparrow takes a break from foraging nature wastes nothing Backstory: Taken at the Tualatin Wildlife Refuge today. nature wastes nothing borrowed from Catherine Flynn. Golden crowned sparrows summer in Canada and winter in the Pacific Northwest.

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Sunday Solace: Week 50

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brass quartet carols bell ringer with red bucket we search for loose change Backstory: Shopping today, we were treated to a Salvation Army  quartet as we entered the market.

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Poetry Friday: #haikuforhealing/16

Poetry Friday is over at Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference.   This is the last call to sign up for the New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange. I will be organizing recipient lists by Wednesday, December 21 and emailing the … Continue reading

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Backstory:  I love this photo from Yellowstone National Park.  It’s at the Norton Geyser. I posted the photo earlier this year. It’s the kind of photo that plays tricks on your eyes.    

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just four years ago twenty six lights extinguished what have we learned?  

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