SOL: Distractions


Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for holding space for us to sharing our writing every Tuesday.

One thing I have been excited about is Laura Shovan’s 5th Annual February Writing Challenge.  This year it’s #10FoundWords.  Each day there are 10 new words to use in a poem.  They come from a variety of news outlets.  

Since November, I have found solace in writing almost every day. A lot has been way to channel my extreme disappointment of our political state.  It is also a huge distraction.

I realize this over the weekend with my writing group meeting on the calendar for last night.  I have a novel (my only one thus far) that is in the middle of revision (like in major).  I haven’t been able to focus on it as I have allowed myself to be like a squirrel with every writing opportunity that has surfaced as evidenced below.

Submit to POEMING PIGEON, garden poems. Check.
Participate in #haikuforhealing in December. Check.
Organize a New Year Poetry Postcard Exchange. Check.
Participate #10FoundWords.  Check.  But…
Oh, you didn’t make it into the garden edition of POEMING PIGEON and they are opening up the love poems submissions in May…time to work on them? Almost BUT  I need to focus on my novel and quit being distracted. (And yet this morning, I thought about some old poems that I may just go ahead and submit and why am I circling back to this idea?)

I am torn.  I thought perhaps I could use #10FoundWords as a writing opener to prime the pump and I may.  Perhaps it’s that there is so much chatter in my head these days about the world events that I want to hide and read about the hidden life of trees and concentrate on my revisions.



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6 Responses to SOL: Distractions

  1. cvarsalona says:

    And the writing challenges go on…Jone, there is indeed solace in writing when we are not distracted.

  2. mbhmaine says:

    Your writing plan is inspiring and at least your distractions are also writing 🙂 I’d intended to participate in Laura’s challenge but this month hasn’t been a productive writing month for me at all! You’re reminding me to get back in the game! Thanks and congrats on all your writing accomplishments!

  3. Good luck with the revisions. Your list takes you up to the end of February. Does that mean that March will bring another round of SOLSC?!

  4. you did a great job with the post card exchange!!!

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